Do we need to remodel our entire bathroom to replace our existing shower door with a frameless shower enclosure?
No need for an expensive remodel.  By replacing that old shower with a new frameless enclosure, your bathroom will have that rich, contemporary look you desire.

What thickness of glass do you use on your frameless showers?
We use ½” thick panels, which add stability to the enclosure.  3/8” glass is used on all doors, again making the door more stable by lessening the weight from an open door.

I’ve seen frameless doors that have a frame!  Can I get a real “frameless” door?
At Specialty Shower and Closet, we design and install a “true frameless” shower enclosure, with no headers.  The only metal on the shower door are clips and hinges, which gives a clean, sleek look to the entire enclosure.  We laser measure for all frameless shower enclosures to ensure a true custom-fit.

Do frameless showers leak?
It is installed with silicone and invisible seals to ensure a leak-free shower.  However, no frameless shower can withstand a direct water spray without some water leakage.

Can I only get clear glass on a frameless or framed shower enclosures?
No, there are many glass options from which to choose.  From Rain Glass or Satin Etched for frameless, to Bubble Glass, Antique, Fluted and many more for a beautiful effect for your framed enclosure.


What if I need to replace the carpet in my closet with a laminate system?
We realize that carpet and floor may need to be replaced, so we install your laminate system to be wall hung, to leave space at the floor.

Can I move my shelves for a more custom fit to my needs?
Yes, the shelves are fully adjustable to ensure the custom fit you want.